My Colorful Life

For the last year or so, when no one is looking, I color. Most people think I’m on the Internet all of the time. It’s true that I spend more time then the average senior on my iPhone or laptop. However, I still find time to color. 

Unlike many others who have true artistic talents, I have none. I wish I could draw a little just to express myself. That will never happen, so I decided to buy adult coloring books when I really want to go into another zone. 

Coloring is a fabulous way to relax. I spend many hours coloring patterns. I really love it. I also like to knit and crochet. However, that requires a lot of concentration and focus. Coloring does not. I find myself totally immersed in the color schemes. I am not aware of my surroundings and normal day-to-day challenges. I’m not the only one. Adult coloring books are selling in record-breaking numbers.

I was thrilled to hear that the newest coloring book was inspired by the world famous street artists from the Wynwood Art District in Miami. It’s a natural. Watch the video. I ordered a copy about two months ago but haven’t started it yet. 

I’m busy coloring images made from a Spirograph. I bought 30 different colored Sharpies. I want to buy more. I can’t have too many colors.  Yes, I’m envious of those who create their own art. Trust me, this is the next best thing.


2 thoughts on “My Colorful Life

  1. Remember etch-a-sketch? It offered the same sort of relaxation in days gone by as coloring does now. Taking our brain out of the normal reasoning, working mode is good for us. And we don’t have to be creative artists—although that would be nice, (she says longingly!).

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