One More Time 

There was a glitch in the distribution of DigiDame yesterday so I am reposting the same copy.

 Soma Smart Home Shades 

I always wanted automated window shades. We have a lot of floor-to-ceiling windows in our Miami condo. I thought it would be great to have them all open and close at the same time. The only problem is that it usually costs thousands of dollars to automate window coverings.

Not anymore. I came across Soma Smart Home Shades on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding site. I contacted the inventors on a new business quest, and at the same time, arranged a special price for DigiDame readers. Click here. The deal ends September 30th.

As we get older, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a device that deals with the shades.
Smart Shades work with almost any type of blinds. The battery can be recharged with solar panels. The video explains how the whole things work.

Users will be able to control multiple windows using the companion mobile app. They can create daily or weekly schedules to automate each room. 

Let me know if you make a purchase. We can compare notes on how we operate our shades.
Thank you 

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