Just How Dry Are You ? 

We all witnessed what happened to Hillary Clinton this week when she became dehydrated. It wasn’t fun to watch, but it was a reminder to all of us (seniors) that we must drink an adequate amount of water, regularly, especially if we are not feeling well or are exerting ourselves. 

The trouble is that most of us are clueless about how dry we are. Not anymore. I just found out that the LVL Hydration Monitor will tell you just how dehydrated you really are. 

The video is so important to watch.

The product is on Kickstarter. It’s a good bet, so think about contributing. It just started and reached goal in a few days. You can still get one for $99. It will sell for $199 after the crowd funding campaign.

 The LVL Hydration Monitor campaign says, “The device measures your hydration levels in real time, including sweat rates to show what you’re losing. It then combines that data with your heart rate from the built in sensors, your activity level and calculated caloric expenditure during both rest and activity to make hydration and refueling recommendations. It even adds in mood, sleep and performance analytics, suggesting how much you need to drink to optimize all three.”

The inventor created the LVL Hydration Monitor after suffering a stroke. Read more about what happened to him and the development of this device here.

Good luck! 

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