I Had The Laughs Of My Life 

I lived up the street from Dangerfield’s for 40 years. I think I was there three or four times in the late 1970s. When friends over the years learned I lived so close to the comedy club they were surprised I wasn’t there every night. It was legendary back in the day.

The club was founded by Rodney Dangerfield and his friend Anthony Bevacqua, who still runs and operates the club today.

According to Wikipedia, the club opened on September 29, 1969. “Kenny Burrell, Thelma Houston, and Rodney Dangerfield performed on the opening night, while Milton Berle, Ed McMann, Joan Rivers, and David Frost were in the audience.”

Franklin Karp, formerly of Stereo Warehouse, Rabson’s, and Harvey’s, (well-known retailers back in the day) and now COO of Audio Video Systems, a custom audio/video installation company, emailed me a YouTube video of Rodney this morning that kept me laughing for hours. Eliot found it hysterical too.

I wanted to share it with you. If this video doesn’t put you in a good mood, nothing will. In my opinion, old time comedians are still the funniest people in the business.

Get ready for Rodney Dangerfield’s Funniest Jokes Ever On The Johnny Carson Show 1983. 


5 thoughts on “I Had The Laughs Of My Life 

  1. Boy did we need this! Steve is known for his great impersonation of Rodney. He had the nurses in the hospital laughing, and some of them were too young to even know who Rodney was!

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