Miami Marlins Star Pitcher José Fernández Killed Just Outside Our Window 

If you ever visited us, I’m sure we have walked you down the path next to government cut, the waterway that goes from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. Fisher Island is on one side, Smith & Wollensky and South Pointe Beach, on the other. 

MLB star José Fernández killed in boating accident. Image: CNN


José Fernández

That is the spot where Miami Marlins star pitcher, José Fernández, was killed early Sunday morning. He and two friends were at full speed when their boat hit a jetty. All three died. We saw and heard nothing. We only have a partial few of that area. 

It was a very sad day on South Beach. Coast Guard officials spotted the boat upside down on the rocky jetty around 3:00 am. All three men were in their 20s. No one knows for sure what happened.

On happier note today, Ari Schneider, my six –year-old grand nephew, attended his first Major League Baseball game. He is a big Mets fan, just like his father Sam and grandfather Steve. The Mets were thrilled to have Ari at their game and showed their appreciation with this welcoming banner.

Father and son

Grandpa Steve and Ari

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