Snap Vs. Google Glass

Image: supplied by Snap.

Snapchat became popular in recent years because it is an app that allows you to share quick videos that disappear after a few minutes. 

Now the company wants to be a leader in the hardware business. 

Don’t discount Spectacles by Snapchat when you hear more about it. Just because the invention is another pair of glasses, doesn’t mean that it can’t make it. Google Glasses was a great idea. It just needed more time to be developed. 

Spectacles has a much more simple premise. It takes 10-second videos that automatically appear on the companion app, Snapchat. The company believes people want to take videos that resemble their field of vision. Folks who tested it, according to the articles that I have read, claim the videos are the closest thing they have ever seen that looks just like they were actually reliving the same scene over again.

All you have to do is press the button on the front of the eye glasses. The camera on the eye glasses employ a 115-degree lens. Spectacles will retail for $130 and will be available this Fall. 

To celebrate the new product, Snapchat has renamed itself Snap. The company has many more products coming down the pike. They want to be sure their name is short and sassy.

For more information on Snap, read the Verge, a tech site. Click here



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