Reading, Interrupted

I spend a good part of my day trying to get rid of ads that pop up on my iPhone screen while I am trying to read an online newspaper or magazine article. Yes, it happens on Internet sites as well. 

I can’t stand it anymore. I see a news or feature headline that interests me, I click on it, and before you know it, an advertisement pops up. I spend the next 20 seconds trying to get rid of it. I pound away on the screen trying to activate the X.

I complain about it to Eliot who wonders why I get so agitated by pop-up ads. He says commercials on TV bother him way more. I don’t mind TV advertisements. You know they are coming, and you use it to your advantage. You can go to the bathroom, get something to eat, or check out another channel.

Internet ads are much more annoying. You have to exert energy to get rid of them. To be honest, they are counter-productive. More often than not, I close the article and move on to another online activity. 

If you agree with me, let me know. I will send our comments to Advertising Age or Ad Week.

5 thoughts on “Reading, Interrupted

  1. Yes,
    I simply hate those popups, Its like jumping in your face with something forced on you.
    With television you can escape with the remote but with popups you have to atleast listen or look until you can skip or the ad simply refuse to go away. After this I lose interested. WHAT CAN WE DO!!

  2. They are extremely annoying and very frustrating. It’s at a point where I wait several seconds to anticipate an ad. Even so, the advertisers code the ads at timed intervals or after scrolling down. I lose my train of thought. Its an unpleasant experience. It’s rude. I mean, when you go to the store you are not deprived of analyzing a possible purchase with an irrelevant, rude attempt to upsell so it’s highly unrealistic. To make matters worse the goofballs supporting this form of advertising say it works because they get email addresses. What they may not realize is that people will plug in fake info just to move it along. So the advocates are completely out of touch and are just making readers miserable and unhappy.

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