When In Doubt, Throw Out 

When In Doubt, Throw Out

That used to be one of my mother’s favorite expressions. She always made sure our food was fresh. She didn’t want to take any chances . 

She must have had some friends who suffered from spoiled food. The World Health Organization recently reported that there are 76 million cases of foodborne illness (resulting in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths) in the United States each year.

I always wanted some sort of a food analyzer  that would tell me if the food I was about to eat was fresh. Guess what? I found such a product. It’s called the FOODsniffer, the world’s first portable “electronic nose.”It’s a  device and mobile application which will enable you to determine the quality and freshness of: beef, pork, poultry and fish. 

FOODsniffer has four types of sensors: temperature, humidity, ammonia and volatile organic compounds sensors. All you have to do is direct the device towardq the food product and then click a button. 

The company’s website said, “the device uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data to the user’s smartphone or tablet, which displays a detailed result with recommendations regarding the safety of the product.”

The FOODsniffer retails for $120. You can buy it here

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