A Possible Solution For Hot Flashes  

I found this innovative product on Indiegogo, the crowd-funding site. I made special note of it because I thought this was a great idea. Americans noticed it too because it was fully-funded. The Zero Breeze,  the world’s first personal, portable, smart, multifunctional air conditioner, will be available early next year at approximately $350.00. 

The Zero Breeze is also a bluetooth speaker, a night light, and a smartphone charging station. You have to love this product.

I am constantly with women, ages 50 to 80, who are getting over-heated. They are so uncomfortable, that I start to not  feel well too. If we are at a party, in a meeting, or even at the beach, it would be wonderful to watch those who sweat easily, cool off.

The Zero Breeze is capable of cooling a 50 square feet room down to 44 ℉. Using a rotary compressor, the unit can be plugged-in, or used by the battery pack. If the Zero Breeze does three-quarters of what it claims, bravo! 

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