Pressure Cooker

You must read an important comment from a doctor friend of mine at the end of this post. He is 100 per cent correct. All I meant to say is that many high BP’s are a result of tension and nervousness. I still take my meds every day. 

I have had elevated blood pressure for almost 40 years. I have been on medication for it since it was first discovered. I worried about it non-stop for decades.

Then one day, I forgot to worry. Then the day after that, I forgot again . One thing led to another, and weeks passed by. I finally took my pressure. 107/78. Totally normal. What’s the moral of the story? Relax. What goes up, must come down.

For $99.00 you can own one of the most compact blood pressure machines. I have used a lot of BP machines. This is really small and it works with a companion app so you can transfer your readings to your doctor, or caregivers.  The Qardio is perfect for seniors who like to monitor their BP several times a-day. Easy on, easy off.
Dear Lois 

“I have to tell you that I disagree with your post today. 

“What comes up must come down, may not have anything to do with blood pressure, unless you are talking about the pressure in the blood vessels after death from a heart attack or stroke. Just because your pressure came down when you relaxed does not mean that another persons pressure will respond the same way. I really hope that no one goes off their meds because of your post trying to see if relaxing is all they need to treat their blood pressure. 
I understand that your post is read by many elderly men and woman. You might want to let them know that they should not adjust anything about their blood pressure without speaking to their doctor first.”


One thought on “Pressure Cooker

  1. Thanks, Lois. I noticed also, that when I stopped obsessing on my BP (forgetting about it, actually!) it went down. But you are right to include the doctor’s caution—don’t stop meds, unless your doctor says you can!

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