Shoe Lights For Running At Night 

It’s amazing that the Night Runner 270 wasn’t invented years ago. It just seems like some inventor/entrepreneur would have thought about putting lights on shoes for better vision at night long before current times.

I guess that’s why all of the Sharks on a recent episode of Shark Tank wanted to invest in the $59.95 product. It’s a natural. The Night Runner 270 is currently available on Amazon but the company needs more money for expansion. The two athletes, who created the product, selected Shark Tank investor, Robert Herjavec. He is a runner and probably understands their needs better than most investors.

The company’s website describes the “Night Runner” as a hands-free light that illuminates the path directly in front of you. The patent-pending bi-lateral ‘wing’ design guarantees 270-degrees of visibility up to 30 meters.”

It only weighs 1.5 ounces. The lights are in a water-resistant casing to protect them from pouring rain. 

Each Night Runner “fastens securely to shoelaces via a stable, multi-position adjustable bracket.” Other features include:

Two ultra-light LED light units

Back-facing red lights

4-8 hour battery life

Li-ion rechargeable battery

75+ lumens per unit (x2)

30+ meters in beam distance

Bi-lateral ‘wing’ design

Water-resistant unit

Secure, stable, multi-position shoelace clips

The patent pending bi-lateral ‘wing’ design  red shoe lights 

Please watch the video to see a very clever idea. 

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