Meditation On-The-Go

If it wasn’t for Headspace, I don’t think I would have made it through the elections. It’s as simple as that. I needed something extra to get me away from all the noise. 

Through Google, I found the Headspace app. I later found out Headspace is now one of the most buzzed-about meditation apps. It was developed by a Buddhist from Venice, CA. 

Other well known meditation apps are: Buddhify, Omvana, Smiling Mind and Dharma Seed.

Headspace uses animations and videos to help you relax and get into a peaceful state. I would love you to try it and give me your feedback. 

This one is perfect for me because I can start and stop easily. I tend to fall asleep and often need to go back and experience the session again. Don’t tell anyone. Thanks.

One thought on “Meditation On-The-Go

  1. I’m so glad you offered this. It will benefit anyone who tries one of the strategies. Meditation has been part of my life since 1973, when I was welcomed into Transcendental Meditation (TM). Wow, 43 years have passed since then! TM has affected my life positively throughout that time, and although I have joined other groups offering different types of meditation, I always go back to the mantra and procedure I learned in 1973. For me, at the time, the experience was social and I can’t imagine approaching it via an app, but if it works, so be it!

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