Great Balls On Fire 

I can’t make this stuff up. A company called Spartan Underwear, from Paris, France, was at @CES Unveiled New York (trade exhibition) today showing off high tech boxer briefs that protect a man’s private parts from wi-fi and cellphone radiation. You may want to tell your sons and grandsons about this.

Meet Arthur Menard, Co-founder and CEO


The underwear is made of anti-bacterial silver fibers. The company brochure says, “A number of major scientific institutions around the world have raised alarms over the harmful effects of wireless radiation on male fertility, especially if smartphones are carried around in the pockets of pants. 

“At Spartan, we don’t want to stop using technology or change our habits to stay safe. We developed a high-tech  fabric by incorporating silver fibers into our cotton weave which together act as an electromagnetic shielding.”

I have included a video which explains the entire concept. Each undie is about $45.00. A small price to pay to protect your worldly goods.

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