Say Hello To Cabbage Patch 2016

I’m going to be very interested in your reaction. We are going from a passive, innocent doll, to a robot-type play thing that is filled with emotion.

In the next day or two, I’m going to call my pal Al Kahn, the marketing executive at Coleco who made the doll famous thirty-five years ago, to see what he thinks of the digital version. 

Now manufactured by Wicked Cool Toys, the  Cabbage Patch doll is highly interactive, with LCD screens that display a wide range of emotions. Retail price is $100. 

The baby doll will tell you when it is hungry, when it needs to be burped, and when its diaper needs to be changed. The doll’s cheeks glow red when sick and requires a special interactive spoon with medicine. 

For complete interactive features watch the video.

This is quite a different Cabbage Patch. It’s quite a different world. 

3 thoughts on “Say Hello To Cabbage Patch 2016

  1. Sure is a different world! Emotions are the new tool of automation. This scares me more than anything. Children brought up with machines who manipulate their emotions will find it hard to find emotional truth when they deal with humans. Just thinking of the implications makes me shudder! Unlike using teaching tools to teach reading and rote math skills, this is not an innocuous method of teaching children about relationship. What is the end game here? What are the manufacturers trying to achieve?

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