Your Car Can Become Your Significant Other    

Some folks spend more time with their cars than anything else on earth. For those who love their automobiles, I have big news. Your cars are going to love you back.

Honda, the Japanese automaker, is working on a new type of car that is going to be filled with emotion. Honda issued a press release that said, “the emotion engine comes from a partnership between Honda and Japanese telecommunications firm SoftBank.” The two companies designed the AI technology that allows a car to gauge the mental state of the driver.

The automobile will be showcased at the CES next month. You can be sure that I won’t miss seeing this. I want to learn more about how the Honda will be capable of understanding the driver’s emotions and developing emotions of its own.

I know this sounds like a joke, but many authoritative periodicals reported the news today. Click here to see what Wired had to say and here for the Washington Post.

So far Honda is not providing too many  details how the technology works. Called the NeuV,  Honda says the automated elecric vehicle  will “artificially generate its own emotions.”

Honda claims their car will “grow up” with the owner. This all sounds very intriguing but I’m looking forward to asking Honda one simple question. “What happens to the relationship once the owner wants to upgrade to a new car?” We all know that breaking up is hard to do. 

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