Read What I Read 

Sex With Robots Is Almost Here 

Image: Pinterest

Shelly Palmer, TV tech personality, explores the ethical and moral issues arising from the advent of robots. Palmer claims there is incremental technological steps between where we are now and where this is clearly going. Click here to read more.

Get Ready To Have A Good Laugh 

Don Rickles, Johnny Carson, and Frank Sinatra.  I sure hope this link works. You need a good hearty laugh. Click here. If it doesn’t work, I will try to post again later this week. This was posted by many friends on Facebook because it was so funny. 



Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg among tech execs to meet with Trump this Wednesday. Read about it here. I will let your know the results of that meeting. 

Fake Tweets

Trump fires a member of his transition team for tweeting fake news. Be careful what you tweet. Read here.


Avoid Toys That Talk

You should probably still avoid toys that talk with your kids. Companies are collecting voice data. Click here.


One thought on “Read What I Read 

  1. I couldn’t devote the time (never mind the mental energy) to read the article ‘Sex With Robots is Almost Here”. But now that my Christmas hosting is over, and I’ve partially recovered, I read it, and realize that it’s only the beginning for me.
    First I have to decide if I want to ‘go here’—accept those ideas, or pretend that they are not a possibility, and live the rest of my life denying it. Many people will do that, since the prospect of having relationships with computer-driven beings is just too frightening. But that is not my way, so I probably will invest some energy in trying to understand and accept this new reality. More on this later…

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