Driving Myself Meshuga 

Sometimes I think I can “will” things to happen. When I decided I didn’t want to drive anymore, I prayed for a limousine service. Puff, Uber was born. Lately, I have been hoping for some sort of mechanism that can prevent car crashes. 

Many Miami Beach roads do not have traffic lights. Every time we drive down one of these streets, I am constantly checking the cross roads for oncoming cars, and I’m not even driving.

Tonight my prayers were answered. Lester Holt, of NBC Nightly News, announced that the Transportation Department is forcing all new cars and light trucks to wirelessly talk to each other, talk with traffic lights and with other roadway infrastructure. That means it will dramatically reduce traffic deaths because of constant communications. Holt said there are 600,000 accidents a year, a deadly one every 15 minutes. 

The Transportation Department said future automobiles will be required to have Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications, or V2V, which enables cars to transmit their locations, speed, direction and other information 10 times per second. The Associated Press reports that new cars will be able to detect when another vehicle is about to run a red light, is braking hard, changing lanes or coming around a blind turn in time for a driver, or automated safety systems, to prevent a crash.”

This is such excellent news. Watch the video and let’s pray for safe roads and zero accidents. 

3 thoughts on “Driving Myself Meshuga 

  1. Good ideas… stuff we’ve discussed for decades. Are you handicapping the odds of this being implemented within our lifetimes .. or even in the next 20 years? And even then, there will be some 2017 junkers on the road without the capability. Key line in the report was that Auto Industry association is “looking” at the proposal (which it must have known for years). Let’s see what vendors have to say about it in Vegas and Detroit next month.

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