The Gold Ring 

One of the major players in the music business just emailed me to say that finally there is an on demand music service for folks over 50. 

Fred Goldring, one of the founders of Music Aficionado, recently told the Wall Street Journal, “The over-50 “ demographic is largely being ignored in the digital world even though these folks are the most passionate about music because they lived all of it the first time around.”

Music Aficionado now draws more than 800,000 monthly visitors who spend an average of 23 to 24 minutes on it at a time. The  Wall Street Journal details how Music Aficionado plans to get older folks to pay for streaming music. I say, “Give us the music we love, without many interruptions, and we will pay something for it.” 

I met Fred almost 40 years ago when my PR agency represented HBO Video. He was very friendly with one of the VP’s, Eric Kessler.  I may have been in Fred’s company once or twice, but we corresponded over the years on different business matters. I spotted his name in the press many times and just smiled that at least I could get in touch with him.

I am including his career, as documented on LinkedIn, a networking site for business and academic professionals. Microsoft owns LinkedIn.  I thought it would be more fun to read about Fred this way. 

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