In-Home Eye Exam

I arrived in Las Vegas this afternoon for the 2017 CES. I have already done 12,999 steps looking at the latest innovations. The one I want to tell you about immediately is the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker. This is the first in-home vision testing system that features an optical miniscope and a smartphone application so you can now get corrective vision measurements whenever, and wherever, you choose. 

“Now you can take your eye measurements at home and then order a pair of eye glasses,” said John A. Serri, PhD, founder of EyeQue. He said he feels that it’s very important to keep track of your of your vision. “EyeQue is not meant to replace the eye doctor. It’s meant to be a support system for between eye doctor visits.”

Read more about EyeQue in the company’s press release. Click here

I also included an official video interview I did with Dr. Serri. 

Here is the official product video.

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