Light Therapy 

I went looking for Apira Science of Boca Raton, FL, at CES, because I heard that they are  recognized as one of the global leaders in aesthetic light-based therapies. I really thought light therapy was voodoo until I heard Jonathan Graff, director of clinical research and education, at Apira Science, explain the technology.

Instead of trying to capture the details of what he said about growing hair and reducing wrinkles, I thought you should hear it for yourself. Please play the video.

Apira is truly a pioneer in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of low-level light therapy  systems and devices for the consumer market. They claim that their iGrow product increased hair counts of more than 35%, following only 16 weeks of iGrow light therapy. Pretty impressive! 

Let’s hope that Iderma is a great anti-aging solution. It’s all in the lighting.



2 thoughts on “Light Therapy 

  1. Although these light based therapies do have substantial in vitro science behind them, it is often difficult to show dramatic clinical (in vivo) results. Also they require long term continued use and since dramatic results are not easily seen, most people abandon their use.

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