Okay, I’m A Big Baby 

MRI Scan Machine

I’m not going to say that getting an MRI is the worst thing that ever happened to me, but it certainly can be categorized as tortorous. I had to get an MRI today because I twisted my knee three weeks ago and the pain now is intense. I walked into my closet and took a misstep. It was as simple as that. I immediately.saw stars. After a few minutes, I felt fine.

This happened just before I left for CES in Las Vegas. I complicated the possible injury by walking miles with a limp. It didn’t bother me for the five days I was there, but when I got back to Miami, the throbbing began. I ignored it for a while, but now nine days later, I can’t  get across the room without excruciating pain. I hobbled into an orthopedist’s office today at Mt. Sinai on Miami Beach. After an X-ray of the knee, he declared that I may have a stress fracture. 

His words are still stinging in my ear, “We have to be careful with people your age because stress fractures can be problematic. They must be treated, so we have to do an MRI to see exactly what you have.”

I’m officially old.  I had an MRI, and something called an MRA, a few years ago to examine my heart. Everything turned out to be completely normal, but that trip in the donut hole, really tested my stability, or the lack of it.

I hated it today too. If there is one innovation I hope for in the future, it’s a new way to do these tests. Yes, I’m very grateful for this technology, but panic-attack sticken people like me total freak when we have to hold still in a small space for 45 minutes. I was totally isolated in a round hole with clanging noises that gave me a headache. Earphones couldn’t drown out the high volume of the noise. Since it was around six o’clock at night, I kept thinking that everyone went home and I was just left there to rot. 

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I squeezed the ball that sounded the alarm. It felt like forever before the technicians answered.  “You’re doing fine, Lois. The film is coming out great. You only have two more minutes to go.” Ten minutes  later, I was finally released. I was sweating and freezing at the same time.

As I was getting dressed, I heard a commotion in the next set of curtains. It turns out that some younger guy woke up that morning paralyzed. He couldn’t feel a thing from his waist down. After a number of day long tests, they told him he needed an immediate operation and there were no guarantees. I heard enough.

I ran out to Eliot who was waiting for me in the  visitors lounge. He said, “Are you hungry?” I replied, “Only for a Cosmopolitan.” He made me one the minute we got home. 

Tomorrow, the results. I can hear my mother saying, “What can be cured, can be endured.” I pray for good health for all.


8 thoughts on “Okay, I’m A Big Baby 

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  2. Dear Lois: I was stunned to read your report about the MRI and that you might have a stress fracture! Wow, it seems so easy now to get injured, just the slightest thing. Please post when you get the results. Continue with the Cosmos, that’s my advice, and stay off that knee for a while. You’re not in Las Vegas any more, so relax and enjoy the view. We love you.

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