Introducing The Migraine Hat  

If you spend any time on social media, you know that a lot of people are very aggravated and frustrated by the current political situation. Most people who post on Facebook and/or Twitter don’t mind telling you just how they feel. 

This could possibly cause a lot of headaches  for peace-loving people who used to go to Facebook and Twitter for fun. That brings me to the subject of migraines. I came across a product, the Migraine Hat, that I just had to tell you about.  It’s a $29,95 hands-free, wearable ice pack that is adjustable so it can be worn tight for compression or loose for cooling relief.  

The company said,”This is a solution to the problem of working to reduce pain and discomfort for some migraine sufferers of which there are 37 million in the U.S. alone.”

The product does not claim to be a “headache” solution. A migraine is not a typical “headache,” which is the stigma the company is working to overcome. 

Watch the video 


The Migraine Hat website points out that the hats are:  

1-Fully adjustable for kids and adults.

2-Lined with neoprene to stay cold longer.

3-Portable and can be worn on the go.

4-Flexible and can be pulled down to block light and sound.

5-Filled with an Cryo Gel Ice Pack that is both removable and reusable. Uniquely designed compression chambers deliver targeted pressure where you need it most. Stays cold up to four hours.

6-Available in a drawstring storage bag. This special drawstring bag stores your Migraine Hat and the Cryo-Gel ice packs so they can be placed in your freezer, ready when you need them.

7-Adjustable, one size fits all.

8-Designed to pull over eyes and ears to block light and sound. Adjust tight or loose to target pressure points.

Be sure to ask your doctor if the Migraine Hat is good for you.  Never try anything new without consulting a medical advisor.

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