Never Heard Before Stories About Andy Warhol

Eliot and I were among many art lovers tonight who had the good fortune of hearing exciting stories about the good old days of Andy Warhol from former master printers for the pop-art icon. They also demonstrated Warhol’s innovative silkscreen process.

This all took place at the Williams McCall Gallery @ Frameworks in Coconut Grove, Florida. I have much of it on video so I am sharing it with you.

It was a tremendous treat to meet artists Debbie Carfagno, Michael Enns, and other associates, who told us what it was like working with Warhol, building the business, and producing the art work. We also learned why it’s impossible today to authenticate Warhol’s work.

The artists worked for Warhol in the late 1970’s until his death in 1987. Anyone who is interested in getting “Warholed” can contact me or the gallery directly.

2 thoughts on “Never Heard Before Stories About Andy Warhol

  1. 1. Have you ever visited the wonderful Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh? If not, add it to your itinerary!!!
    2. How familiar are you with this terrific performance art Warhol poster/postcard campaign? I’ve encountered it several times. Google it for more happy examples.

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