Madonna Vs. Lady Gaga

I am working on an assignment for a client. We need your opinion. Please answer the following questions – Yes or No.

We are asking folks over 40 their opinion because we want a more mature view on these two major talents.

Please email your answer to

 Your name will not be mentioned. All individual information is confidential.

 1) Do you think Lady Gaga is a Madonna imitator?

2) Do you think Lady Gaga is more talented than Madonna?

3) Do you think Lady Gaga will be as popular as Madonna at 50 plus?

Thank you.

A tech industry friend, Brad Stone, just wrote a new book, “The Upstarts,” about how certain new companies like Uber and Airbnb are changing the world. He’s the guy who also wrote “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.”  Brad is a senior executive editor at Bloomberg News, based in San Francisco. 

Anyone who is interested in starting a new venture should read this book. I read his Amazon book, which really gave me tremendous insight into how this company evolved.

I plan to start the “Upstarts” this week. I will let you know my thoughts just as soon as I am done.

With Gayle King of CBS This Morning


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