A New Way To Feel Music 

I know that people love to feel their music, but how far are they willing to go to experience the sensation?  That’s the question many tech reporters are asking Daniel Büttner, CEO, of a Berlin based company called Lofelt.

Lofelt is the maker of Basslet, a wrist-worn subwoofer that vibrates the user’s forearm in time with the music. A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker that reproduces a low-pitched audio frequency known as bass.

I personally don’t like subwoofers because the pounding sound hurts my head and it feels like it is vibrating off my chest, similar to  palpitations. Many times over the years,  I have asked Eliot to disconnect the home subwoofer from the stereo system. I just hated the feeling.

Apparently, music lovers love the pounding feeling because it immerses them into the music. Now Büttner wants music lovers to experience the impact of a subwoofer on their forearms. 

I know this may seem weird to the average person, but Büttner came up with the idea when he was playing his stand-up bass. He explains it is a big resonant hollow hunk of wood that does indeed let the player feel the music.

The tech writers who reviewed the Basslet reported that they could feel the music, but only liked it for a short period of time. It just may appeal to audio lovers who appreciate feeling the music within their bodies. All they have to do is shell out $199 for the experience.

Read more about it in Tech Crunch

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