The Met Now Offers Free Art Work Images 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is making a very generous gift to bloggers (me), schools, businesses, and even you. 

The museum is now allowing the public to use approximately 375,000 of their public-domain images for free. It’s called an “Open Access” policy. What’s more, the Museum is not even requiring attribution for when we use them.

I tried to find out why the museum decided to open their vault for free. I learned that they want the public more exposed to these pieces of art. They also signed partnerships with Pinterest, Wikimedia, Artstor, the Digital Public Library of America and others. 

I also found out that the museum has 1.5 million works in total. Eventually, everything will be digitized. Other museums around the world offer free use of their works, but the Met has the most well-known pieces from the past 6,000 years. Good for us. 

It’s going to be interesting to see how most people take advantage of the free images. I sure hope they do. 

Read more about it in Engadget.

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