Art Wynwood 

A whole group of us ventured over to the Wynwood section of Miami last night to see the latest contemporary pieces of art in the exhibition called Art Wynwood. 

Before we knew it, tennis champion Martina Navratilova walked by. She had a few works of art on display and wanted to see what they looked like amongst other pieces. She seemed pretty pleased.

I made a small purchase. I couldn’t  help myself. I saw a copy of Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker” holding a smartphone and just wanted it. I used to see a copy of the statue on The TV Show Dobie Gillis in 1959-1960 and loved it immediately. I find this pretty ironic, since I know very little about art but “The Thinker” always meant a lot to me.


Martina Navratilova admiring her own work.

The Grand’s, the Greenberg’s and the Hesses dining at Sugarcane after the exhibit. Marcia Grand took the photo.

Marcia and Richie loving the Playboy model nearby.

I may have dated this dude.

A full size copy stands in front of Cibo restaurant, South Pointe Drive on the beach.

I always love looking at The Thinker, even a copy. The addition of a smartphone tickled my fancy.

The gallerist from the lower east side of Manhattan is making my 3D printed miniature version.

The showstopper

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