Did I Take That Pill? 

Steve Greenberg, author of “Gadget Nation,” shows Kathie Lee Gifford and co-host Jenna Bush gadgets yesterday morning that will organize even the most scatterbrained home. From charging electronics in a neat and easy way, to quickly removing stains, these items will have everything in its proper place at home.

I take 11 different pills and supplements every night before I go to sleep. All of my pills are stored in one big plastic bag, ready to travel at a moment’s notice. 

My usual routine is to take one pill out of each vial until all the meds have been taken. That is my usual routine. Every once in a while,  I stare at one of the vials and think, “Did I already take you?” 

I swear, I sometimes don’t remember, even though I took the pill seconds ago. I usually can figure it out if I think about it long enough, but it’s disconcerting.

Yesterday, I found a cure all. Innovation insider, Steve Greenberg, showed the TimerCap on the Today Show as part of his product showcase. I never heard of it before. Yes, Steve is a friend, but I usually see all the gadgets he knows about when I see him on a TV show. The minute I saw the TimerCap, I knew it was for me. 

The TimerCap is a vial cap with a built-in LCD timer. The cap has been sized to fit most pharmacy vials. The timer helps people remember when they last took their medication. The TimerCap is available at any CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacy for $9.99 for a three-pack.

That is a small price to pay for a great safeguard. The older we get, the more we need items like this. 

7 thoughts on “Did I Take That Pill? 

  1. The cap is also useful to ensure that no one else is taking your pills. Some houses have occupants who steal medicine; this pill stops that.

  2. this is so true! It’s almost comical how in just seconds, u can ask yourself- did I take that pill??? I will get these! thanks!

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