Drones U

I don’t think many DigiDame readers own their own drones, yet. I do believe that there is a strong possibility, that if we live long enough, we all will own one. 

There is one young gal, Abby Speicher, CEO of DARTdrones, that wants to prepare all of us to be expert pilots. She appeared on Shark Tank last night looking for funding for her drone training and consulting business. 

Speicher wants to make sure “that Unmanned Aerial Systems are safely integrated into the national airspace.” Mark Cuban became her investor. The company is located in Scranton, PA. offering training courses throughout the United States. Speicher is a serial entrepreneur who founded her first company at 17.

I was so happy to hear about this new venture because too many untrained people are flying drones. I’m not trying to encourage the use of UAS but I would like to see more people who know what they are doing at the controls. 

In the meantime, duck.

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