HandL Phone Case Inventor Allen Hirsch Featured In The NY Times About His Other Life 

Full disclosure: Allen Hirsch is my client.

Full disclosure: The documentary being featured in the New York Times about Allen’s love and experience with a capuchin monkey named Benjamin, took place years before I met him.

Full disclosure: If you ever loved an animal, you will identify with Allen and Benjamin’s relationship.

Allen Hirsch is an artist, writer, real estate developer, and inventor who lives in New York City. He invented the HandL line of phone cases that I represent for public relations.
Allen’s story is told in a series of videos called “Long Live Benjamin” in the Op-Doc section of the New York Times.

The documentary was created by Jimm Lasser, a Cannes Grand Prix and Emmy award-winning Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy in New York and Biff Butler, a Cannes Lion, Clio and Emmy award-winning editor with Rock Paper Scissors. “Long Live Benjamin” is their first film.

Before you watch the videos, read Allen’s  words. 
“I’ve always struggled to be human, to know how to act and to what purpose. As a young New York artist, living in a tiny commercial storefront downtown on Crosby Street, I documented this process through drawing and painting self-portraits, which faithfully recorded the shifting moods and musings that swirled through my mind. This practice brought few answers, but did conjure the questions, which gazed back out at me starkly from the canvas.

“After marrying a woman from Caracas in the mid-1990s, I started traveling to Venezuela, where I became fascinated with the lives of people living on the jungle coast. The simplicity of sunlight, children’s laughter and the basic search for daily necessities was enough to quiet my New York rumblings. Then one day my wife brought home a cardboard box with a shriveled baby capuchin monkey, clinging to life. His mother had been killed by locals who liked monkey soup. It was a propitious moment and I immediately knew I was meant to care for him.”

 Click here to access the videos

Be ready to get emotional.


One thought on “HandL Phone Case Inventor Allen Hirsch Featured In The NY Times About His Other Life 

  1. “Just one look at Benjamin’s face made clear that he was a sentient being with some kind of self-awareness.” This quote says it all. That recognition had to happen for Allen to take this on. Wonderful story! I watched the first video, and am planning to come back to see the others.

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