The Wedding Writer  

The other day I saw a story in the New York Times about Vincent Mallozzi, the newspaper’s wedding reporter. I flipped out. He was the guy, who in 2008, wrote one of the first stories ever about how women were using the Internet to support each other after their divorce. My client was

Vinny Mallozzi worked for the sports section of The New York Times from 1986 until 2003, when he became a Weddings reporter and lived happily ever after. Here is the story about Vinny

Vinny is the wedding reporter.

In 2008, Vinny called to say he thought it would be  interesting to sit in on a live meeting for First Wives World so his readers could truly understand what challenges divorced women faced. He showed up with his photographer, Earl Wilson, and proceeded to stay for a few hours listening to the gripes and future plans of each woman. 

Paul, Debbie and Jonas

The founders of First Wives World, Paul Lambert, Debbie Nigro and Jonas Neilson, became true pioneers of the Internet because of that story. Read it here.

I was amazed that almost 10 years later, I was able to Google the story and find it. It just reminded me how lucky I am to be involved in the digital world and how many great stories I have personally created in my career as a PR agent. While most days I want to rip the hair out of my head trying to get a writer to pay attention to my pitch, there are stories like this that make it all worthwhile.

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