James Woods Troubled Tweets 

The story I just read about actor James Woods, and his legal trouble on Twitter, sounds like an episode of Law and Order. I just couldn’t believe that this case didn’t hit the main press in a big way. 

It’s like a great lesson in how online defamation law works. I always wondered how so many folks on the Internet got away with calling each other nasty names. 

Image: Engadget

Now, I am finally learning that more and more people are taking each other to court. Warning! Be careful about what you say online about others. 

It seems that James Woods previously sued a Twitter user for saying that he was a drug addict. Now he is being sued for calling someone a Nazi. 

You can read more about it in Engadget. I don’t want to take any chances saying the wrong thing. 

2 thoughts on “James Woods Troubled Tweets 

  1. Just read the article. Seems like there will be thousands or millions of lawsuits if this is possible. Will keep DT busy for the rest of his life.

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