Dealing With Breast Cancer.

Click here to watch LA40. 

Talk show host, Katerina Cozias, really outdid herself this week. The topic, “Cancer at 40 – it sucks.”

This show covers a lot of scary cancer topics that most people don’t want to discuss, but really need to know more about.  My hope is that every   women watches the show, then passes it on to someone else. This show could save lives. 

Thank you 

Katrina adds…….
“Cancer at 40? – It fricken sucks!” 

But, there is a lot of great life that can be lead post-diagnosis. Had some good conversations on this week’s episode of the talk-show LA40 with these amazing breast cancer survivors, TV writer/producer Lissa Levin and doctor of clinical psychology Indushree Rajan, Ph.D. And of course, with our favorite medical expert, dial-in guest James Simmons of @askthenp. 

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