200 Magazines A Month For $14.95

I am pretty sure I wrote about the Texture app before because I love it so much. For $14.95 a month, I get 200 magazines electronically delivered to me.

I cringe when I hear people our age say they don’t want to read their magazines on a digital device like as if they are being cheated. Do you know how wonderful it is to pay so little for all those magazines?  

Unless you have Texture, you don’t know how beautiful the magazines appear on your smartphone or tablet. Yes, there are times I actually read magazines on my iPhone. Anything for convenience.

Whoever thought I would be able to carry around 200 magazines in my pocket. At any given time, I can read the publication of my choice. Yesteryear, I would have had to carry around 50 pounds of paper in order to accomplish the same thing.

For those who tell me they would never digitally read magazines or newspapers because they like the feel of paper, I say you are reading old news. Every digital publication is constantly being updated with new content. In this world, things change so fast that after a few hours, it’s dated information. 

There are many advantages to Texture, but the one you will love the best is the summary that tells you which magazines have the best monthly stories. You won’t miss a thing.

Watch the Texture’s tv commercial above, it’s fascinating.  

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