Mail Preview

Eliot waits for the mail each day with great anticipation. This has been going on for years. It comes from having your own business. You pray that the mail will bring checks so you know you will be in business another 30 days.

Life is going to be very different from this day forward. Eliot will no longer have to wait for the mail to be delivered to know his fate. He can now sign up on the USPS website to see his mail before it arrives. It called USPS’s New Informed Delivery Service. .

Informed Delivery is a free service. The post office actually emails you pictures of the mail you received, or soon to be received. How wild is that? All the photos of your mail will be available for seven days through an online dashboard.

One of the major reasons why the post office is taking photos of your mail is because too many letters are getting lost. This will be one great tracking system. We hope this will put an end to other people snatching your mail. 

The digital world is really taking away the daily element of surprise. All good things must come to an end,

Watch the video for further explanations 

5 thoughts on “Mail Preview

  1. Hard to believe how accurate this new system will consistently be? Not sure I want to see all of my bills in advance👀?

  2. I’ve had this service for the past several months. Judy thinks I’m obnoxious when I mention the mail we are getting. The problem is when the actual mail doesn’t come for some reason. You know it’s somewhere in the Post Office but it’s not in your box. It usually turns up the next day, but not always.

  3. seems like an invasion of privacy especially if someone can access your computer or phone…. want to spend less time online than more… besides as my Mom used to say, ‘bad news can always wait’!

  4. Thanks. Here’s where to sign up:

    I wonder why USPS hasn’t informed us directly that it IS available at our address. We’ve been in an ongoing bad delivery situation with our local postmaster, who acknowledges that mail carriers are sloppy in our area. We can tell that the “regular” guy has the day off (usually Thursday) when we get only 1-2 items rather than the usual 6 or 7, a few of which are usually important.

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