Ship Ahoy

I’m not sure why, but there has been a lot of activity on the waters outside my window this year. This is what I saw today.

I love watching this Coast Guard Cutter boat. One day, I have to visit the Coast Guard which is steps away from where I live. It’s a whole other world that I know very little about.

Another great yacht sighting today. Couldn’t believe my eyes. The Luna, at 377 ft long, is the world’s second largest expedition yacht at an estimated cost of $545 million. 

The Luna features 10 VIP guest cabins over 100 square metres each, a 20 metre outdoor swimming pool, 9 decks, a large outdoor entertaining area, 8 tenders, 1 mini-submarine and a crew of 50 persons.

Luna is owned by a Russian businessman.

Luna has a multipurpose custom made Lifeboats/Limousines at a cost of over $4m each. They are capable of acting as VIP transport and being lifeboats at the same time. Fitted with an anti-missile system like its sister ship, Eclipse (yacht). All windows are bulletproof to B7+ levels. The steel hull is over 17.5 cm thick. LRAD guns, bomb-proof doors, FLIR. Anti drone system. 2 helipads rated over 7.5 tons capacity, which host Akhmedov’s Eurocopter EC155 B1 and EC145 simultaneously. cruise of over 9,000 nm at economical speeds of 16-18 knots.

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