A LA Casting Agent Goes Wild

Click here to see Katerina Cozias’s Internet Show.  

The photo of Marki comes from E News.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This video is totally X-rated. There is no nudity, but the language is as vulgar as you can possibly get. Why am I showing it to you, you ask? 

This is a slice of life that most of us will never get to see. That’s a good thing. As crazy as I am, I just couldn’t keep up the barbs and fast-paced behavior. I may be loud, but I’m not fast. 

Our client, Katerina Cozias of LA 40 invited Marki Costello, granddaughter of Lou Costello, of the comedy duo Abbott and Costello, to be on her Internet show  Marki is also daughter of a Beach Boys record producer, step-granddaughter of Dean Martin and goddaughter of musician Terry Melcher. Marki Costello is the definition of Hollywood royalty.

Other guests included – “Messy Model” Ashley Alexander and “GiveMeMora.com” blogger Nic Mora. 

Marki arrived late for Kati’s show, but was very comfortable dominating the conversation immediately. A lot of what Marki says is true, but how she says it makes you question whether you could ever keep up with her.  I would fall flat on my face. 

Marki’s long list of well known clients, and her staff of 15, is living proof that she knows what she is doing. E News said she works with Jason Kennedy,  CeeLo Green, Kelly Osbourne, Stacy Keible, plus, plus.

There’s no business like show business. Marki’s performance could have been all for the camera.  

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