Color Me Red 

Amy Errett, founder of Madison Reed

First Day Of Color

The Color Red Fades Fast


Shhh, I color my hair. Even though I’m a natural redhead, I have been coloring my hair for more than 25 years. Truth be told, I know, you know, that I dye my hair. 

I look for grey hairs in the big magnifying  mirror I use every morning when I apply my makeup. I used to snip the grey hair out of my head as I saw them. Now, there are just too many to snip. I have to go to the salon every four weeks to get a complete dye job.

My hair coloring routine has recently changed thanks to Facebook. I finally ordered the Madison Reed Root Touch Up kit.  I ignored the hundreds of Madison Reed ads on Facebook for a long time.  I finally decided to try the oil-absorbing powder which covers roots and greys.

The powder actually stays in my hair until I shampoo it out. It is formulated with a triple care complex of keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root to help hair lock in color. The powder formula does not require drying time and is available in a mirrored compact and wide brush for application.

I have to say, the powder is amazing and I don’t have to rush to the hair salon as often as I did before. It’s very easy to use and the results are just what I wanted. 

Coincidentally, the New York Times did a story about Madison Reed and the founder today.  I didn’t know the company was so big. Click here. The timing was perfect for all DigiDame readers to know more about this company. As they say, timing is everything. 

3 thoughts on “Color Me Red 

  1. Hi Lois,

    That red sure does fade fast. I end up at the hairdresser twice a month, at times. I have been ignoring those fb Madison Reed ads only because I am a Rita Hazan fan for my touch ups. But, I will try Madison one day. Thanks for your email today. Hugs to you and Eliot. Annette

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  2. Remind me if I ever switch from my ‘natural’ blonde to your ‘natural’ red… my hairdresser has several different powders to cover roots… I have it but haven’t tried it yet…

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