Airbnb For Cars

I was amazed to learn from my girlfriend Dana, that when she wants to rent a car in her hometown of San Francisco, she uses a service called Getaround. Just like Airbnb, people are privately renting their 🚗 cars in an on-demand car-sharing app. 

Dana said people are renting cars from a Prius to a Tesla, all from a smartphone. They are renting cars for a few hours to a few weeks. It’s all up to the arrangements made between the owner and the person renting.

I asked Dana why she rented cars from Getaround as opposed to Hertz or Avis. She said Getaround usually has an available car within a few blocks from her home, she can use a car for an hour or two, and she gets to pick a new type of car each and every time she rents. I was truly astonished by the whole concept. I couldn’t understand why car owners would want to rent their automobiles. The app explained car owners can make thousands of dollars a year. 

With that in mind, expect a whole new industry to pop up.

2 thoughts on “Airbnb For Cars

  1. I know our mutual friend Tom W. uses GetAround all the time when he travels. But why would anyone with anything but a junker rent out their car to just anyone? I don’t even like the valet taking and driving my Cars.

    But seriously, how does the insurance work? And what’s the fine print? I know my good Buddy drove for Uber where he earned $6,000 and then had a accident and lost $17,000. It turned out that neither Uber nor his own. Insurance company would cover the. Accident.

    How is the owner going to feel when their Tesla has dings in its doors, fried chicken stains on the leather seats or the stench of tobacco smoke permeating the interior.

  2. I’m constantly amazed at the good ideas going on behind the scenes! Happy to see that there are safeguards, such as insurance, and safe driving requirements. Cutting down the number of cars on the road would be a definite plus. Car manufacturers not so happy, though!

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