Judith Leiber at MAD

Cecile Lemley and me at MAD

After a great brunch at Robert in Columbus Circle, New York City, our friend Cecile Lemley took us to the Judith Leiber exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD). They are both in the same building. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to go.

Judith Leiber has been in the handbag industry for 64 years. MAD actually displayed a timeline to show visitors how she became one of the most successful and respected designers in the ultra expensive handbag business. 

Her evening bags are considered pieces of art. They cost thousands of dollars and rich women collect them as huge status symbols. A Judith Leiber handbag is to be cherished. 

The exhibition was amazing because the collection on display really exemplified the gamut of her work. The color, the shape, the material and the structure of each handbag is still one of the most unique you will ever see. 

It makes you smile.

Eliot Hess photographed the bags. I did the timeline. It was an intricate cut and paste job to get every detail noted. I wanted you to see it all. 




2 thoughts on “Judith Leiber at MAD

  1. Thanks for the great article – learned a lot about Judith Leiber! Sad tho that when we studied Chanel at FIT, they didn’t teach us she was a Nazi sympathizer and helped their cause – would have saved lots of money not buying anything she made including her makeup line.

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