A Final Goodbye   

I received sad news tonight. My good friend and former client, Stan Weston died yesterday. His daughter, Cindy Winebaum, (husband Jake) notified me. Stan invented G.I. Joe. I just loved being in his company. Pictured here with Stan in his Santa Monica condo over looking the Pacific Ocean.


“There are no ugly women, just lazy ones,” Elizabeth Arden.  War Paint, Broadway Show.

I loved it. I know some folks panned it but Patti Lupone and Christine Ebersole were so good as Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arlen, respectively, that I was enchanted all night long with them. The music was weak, but they belted out the songs. Many shocking surprises in their lives. Standing ovation.


The Glass Menagerie 

I really enjoyed The Glass Menagerie because it made me think. The stage setting was sparse so you had to use your imagination. No two people  saw the same show. Now, that’s theater. 

One thought on “A Final Goodbye   

  1. OMG this brought tears to my eyes…. so glad tho was able to help you find Stan Weston while he was still alive! So sorry for your loss. His memory is a blessing and will live on in all those GI Joes!

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