CNET Tracks Storm Chasers

I’m not exactly sure why tech publications are so fascinated by storms, but they seem to be posting more and more lately. I have to admit that I love looking at them too. I guess I’m an online storm chaser. CNET just posted 20 amazing shots. Here are a few. Click here to see all of them..  


Facebook Dominates

Of all the social media accounts I use, I am most comfortable with Facebook. I have no idea why. It must be their setup. 

I’m not alone. I just read in Engadget that Facebook remains the most popular social platform for millions of people around the world. “First quarterly earnings report for 2017, the company reported that it has 1.94 billion monthly active users as of March 31st, which is a nearly 300 million user increase from this time last year. What’s more, an average of 1.28 billion people use Facebook products every single day.”

In the first three months of 2017, the company made $8 billion in revenue, an increase of 49 percent from just a year ago.  Profits specifically   increased over $3 billion, that’s an impressive 76 percent growth. Mobile advertising, is now around 85 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue.

Quite astonishing!  

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