The Talk Of The Toy Industry

It’s not even the gift-giving holidays, yet many Americans are talking about the Fidget Spinner. It’s a palm-sized device that helps deal with their nervous energy.  

Instead of tapping our feet, cracking our knuckles, or picking at our skin, we can all play  with the Fidget Spinner. Watch the video.

The press reviews say this little gizmo is perfect for those with autism, ADD, or ADHD or general nervous energy. 

According to Mashable, the original fidget spinner is a three-pronged plastic device that uses ball bearings to enable motion and balance weight. “Holding the smooth, stationary center of the spinner between two fingers, users can flick the prongs, causing them to spin around in mesmerizing and methodic circular motions.”

Spinners come in all shapes and designs. You can buy one  through Amazon or Etsy for around $5 to $20. .

So why the sudden boom in popularity?  We are living in tough times.

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