NHK TV Caught Up With Lois and Eliot 

Surprise, surprise. Eliot and I are being  featured in a TV special on “How To Eat Sushi” which will appear on NHK TV Japan in a few weeks. We were having lunch at a tiny sushi restaurant (name is on video) just steps away from Japan’s most sacred Buddhist Temple, when Eliot whispers to me, “They are taping us.” 

I was so involved in eating the most delicious sushi that I had no idea what he was saying.  Then I looked up and saw cameras ​​all round us. The TV station,  NHK (official English name: Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, was taping a special on “How To Eat Sushi” and we are going to be one of the featured guests. 

They interviewed us on our views on eating sushi and continued to tape us during our meal. They were a little shocked when I whipped out my DigiDame microphone and started to tape my own show. 

Remember, I am new at this. My recording is quite rudimentary but that’s the nature of the video portion of my personal blog. All in all, it was a very exciting adventure on our first day in Tokyo. 

The hostess

The restaurant


7 thoughts on “NHK TV Caught Up With Lois and Eliot 

  1. Now if Japan would only let the non-Japanese parents see their children that the Japanese parent took and are protected by Japanese law! So heartbreaking!!! Think more than twice if not Japanese about marrying or having children with them because they can be whisked off to Japan and you won’t see them again….

  2. What a delightful post! Enjoyed your surprise to them whisking out your camera. I often watch NHK News on PBS World. Will have to check and see what pgm & when this bit with you may air.

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