The Future Of Games Now

Eliot and I gave ourselves a free day today in Japan after touring with a group for 12 days. Instead of going on an optional tour, we decided to pretend we were locals, and do what locals do: go to the mall and to the movies.

We happened to wander into an arcade and saw what teenagers in the United States will be playing a few months from now. Many of the games American teenagers play today started in Asia. 

The game we saw for girls was based on the Snapchat premise. You post quick videos and funny photos of yourself online for a set period of time. Then they disappear. Now the Japanese entertainment industry has taken the concept to a whole new level. 

Photo booths in arcades now let teenagers dress up their faces with makeup and decorative art. Once they like what they see, they take a photo of themselves to share with others. Some even use their smartphones to snap selfies. I’m not sure if the photos disappear. All I know is that teenage girls love trying on makeup,

The big trend for teenage boys is pretending they’re drummers like Ringo Starr. We witnessed groups of young boys pounding drums or other musical surfaces. I’m not sure what this is all about, but it certainly should help to eliminate some teenage angst. Watch the videos to see the action.


Now onto the movies. 

Eliot and I attempted to go to the movies in Kyoto but the only thing we could understand was Food, Drinks and Tickets. Why would that be in English when everything else was in Japanese? 

That’s all folks! 

One thought on “The Future Of Games Now

  1. Twenty years ago I found a machine in an arcade in San Francisco’s Japantown that put my face onto backgrounds and let me create a stamper that could be used with an inkpad. Loved it. Wish I could find a machine like that today.

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