I Must Be Back In U.S., I Have To Wipe My Own Tush 

Just call me potty mouth, but not just because I use dirty words. Call me potty mouth because I am going to hound you until you try one of the Toto toilet cleaning machines before you leave this earth. Yes, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Everyone on our Japan tour group shared how much they loved the Toto experience many times. You can laugh all you want but until you have had a proper dump, you don’t know what you are missing. 

Doing your business on a Toto toilet is like giving yourself a well deserved rest stop. I think it takes the stress out of your day, even for a few minutes. You are sitting on a heated seat that basically warms your heart and your tush. It’s total comfort that reminds you that there are some wonderful experiences in life. These days you need that reminder.    

Toto plays wonderful music so no one hears you doing your business, sprays your private parts (front and back) for total cleanliness, and then dries you off. You do nothing but squeeze. 

By the way. Toto toilets are available everywhere in Japan, even gas stations.

I can hear a few of you now. “My current toilet system is just fine,” That’s like saying you never need a hug. Toto toilets treat you like royalty. You deserve to sit on a high class throne.


4 thoughts on “I Must Be Back In U.S., I Have To Wipe My Own Tush 

  1. Lois Hess, I want you to send this to Toto. I’m sure if you do you will get a 1st class client! After reading this I want to hire you to promote my vintage business and of course I need to try a Toto.

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