New Formulas For Ranking Books   

There was a period in my life that I referred to the New York Times best selling books list several times a week. I needed to know which were the most celebrated books so I could engage in certain business conversations.

A recent announcement by Amazon reminded me just how much the book industry has changed. Now, I refer to Amazon, not the New York Times, to get a pulse on what’s going on. Amazon Charts actually tracks the top 20 most sold on the site, and the most read books. 

“The most read” is the new information that I find very interesting. It’s one thing to buy a book,  it’s another to read it.  Amazon also lists books that have received awards in addition to publishing monthly roundups of what its editors think are the best books.

The part that I love the best is that Amazon is actually breaking down downloads on Kindle e-readers, print books, and audio books. I want that information because it’s definitely more accurate about what people are consuming. I listen to books on Audible a lot and that should be counted. 

Amazon will publish the top 20 fiction and non-fiction books that are being read (using Kindles and Audible data) as well as the top 20 fiction and non-fiction books that are being sold through its marketplace for Kindle, print, and audio.

In a surprise move, Amazon also said that Alexa will also offer all of this information too. All you have to do is ask “Alexa, what are the most popular books this week?” And she will give you rundown.  

How cool is that?  .


2 thoughts on “New Formulas For Ranking Books   

  1. Lois, you amaze me! You have been on vacation for a month and you haven’t missed a beat. You are the most dissaplined person I know, especially at our age. I would have said “screw it” by now!!!

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