Beating The Deadline  

I’m currently in Los Angeles. I usually have until 3am east coast time to write my blog. After that, it gets distributed to you. Guess what? It’s almost midnight in LA and I just returned from a night out with friends. I only have a few seconds to beat the east coast deadline. I’m going to trick this digital distribution mechanism.

I’m going to write a few words now and then post. Then I will add to my blog post after midnight so at least the post goes out. The system allows me to make additions and edits after my copy is posted.

See you on the other side of midnight.

Hello again. Now I can breath easier. All it took was a little but of copy to get into the daily distribution system. 

This is Lissa Levin with her husband Dan Gutzelman. We spent the evening with them. They are very well known in Hollywood as major writers for both stage and TV. They took us to a really cool restaurant in West Hollywood. The minute we got there Lissa spotted a famous late night talk show host sitting at the next table. 

I didn’t say a word to anyone but secretly snatched a video of the TV star. Can you tell who it is? 

I know I am nasty for invading this person’s privacy, but he is a public figure so I  became star struck. 

Two nights ago, we dined with my cousins Larry (r) and Darren at Norah’s, another fine restaurant. They were the celebs that people were whispering about. They rank number 21 out of 42,000 Berkshire Hathaway real estate agents. Quite an accomplishment.

Good night. 

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