Keeping My Eye On Our Home  

I really appreciate our Arlo home security. My cousin Jeff talked us into getting it, and we have no regrets. It’s great to be able to check on our apartment. We have folks going in and out for   different reasons and I like making sure everyone shows up.

They all know we have cameras, so I am not sneaking up on anyone. I am so grateful for this technology.  We just have to make sure the batteries are fully charged. This is totally a wireless system. 


This is what the app looks like. Above is a full report of the activity.

Here is a shot of Jorge, our concierge, delivering our mail. Below that is our balcony. Furniture is still in place. That’s a relief. 

A video of our housekeeper taking care of business.

There she goes again

Our home in Los Angeles

Our room

The other side

Breakfast and lunch

The pool

The lobby

The scene

The view from our window

Hollywood Hills

We looked down on the famous Comedy Club

The famous Katana Japanese restaurant

The restaurant is on the balcony

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