Pussyhat Project Cofounder Now Knitting Thousands Of Blankets For Refugees 

The woman who started this……..

…..is starting this.

Jayna Zweiman, cofounder of Pussyhat Project, has started a new initiative called “Welcome Blanket.” Jayna wants thousands of Americans, or anyone in the world, to make enough blankets to cover the length of President Donald Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall. Jayna is projecting that it will take 2000 miles of knitted yarn over three months. 

Start knitting.

Each blanket should measure 40 inches by 40 inches and contain 1,200 yards of yarn. Jayna said, “That means participants will need to craft 3,200 blankets collectively to reach about 3.5 million yards of yarn used — or 2,000 miles.”

Kat Coyle, the designer of the original pattern for the pussyhat, also designed the patterns for “Welcome Blanket.” In addition to creating a blanket, Jayda wants everyone to include a note detailing their own family immigrant story.

Click here for patterns.

Finished blankets and notes will be on display at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago. This will start in July. The cutoff date is August 20th. The completed 2,000 miles of blankets will go on display by September. 

At the end of the show, blankets will be distributed to refugee resettlement organizations. 

This is simply wonderful. I want to make a blanket. Who can help me? 

Read more in Mashable.

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